Consider creating a Standard Operating Environment

A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) specifies the software that is to be consistently used on all computers within an organisation. It is common practice for large organizations to use a SOE because it reduces their total cost of setting up, managing & supporting their computer infrastructure. An SOE simplifies technical support by minimising the number […]

View formatting in your Word Processor

There are times when we cut & paste information from different sources, but the original formatting gets pasted along with the text. To view the formatting of a particular block of text, highlight the text and press SHIFT-F1. There is the option to tick the check box “Show all formatting marks” in order to see […]

Consider accessing mail using a Web Browser (Webmail)

For years, many of us have accessed our email via an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, or Eudora. Whilst these programs are powerful, things get messy when you try & access mail from multiple devices. The proliferation of smartphones, notebooks, netbooks, tablets/ipads, & desktops makes it difficult to synchronize mail to all devices. When […]

My favourite Smartphone Apps

I’ve recently returned from a successful climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. After operating from overseas with nothing more than an android smartphone, I thought I’d give a quick review of what apps worked for me. (Note that the same or similar apps may be available on other platforms such as iphone.) Inserty This is one of […]

Editing metadata tags within audio files

As we expand our music & audio media collections, many encounter the problem of inconsistent or incomplete metadata. A file’s metadata is the tagged information that describe audio files such as MP3’s. It usually describes parameters such as Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Track Number, Year, Picture, etc. We’ve all ripped CDs that we have legitimately […]

Consider using Dropbox for cloud storage

One of the apps I have found especially handy is Dropbox. It is basically a cloud storage facility that allows you access your data from various devices such as desktops, notebooks & smartphones. Dropbox is available free for 2GB of storage. Download the desktop app to sync your computer & the smartphone app to sync […]

Use Dropbox to sync between computers & mobile devices

One of my favourite apps is Dropbox, because it allows me to synchronize my files between various devices. I no longer carry a usb or portable hard drive. Now I just download it from the cloud, as required. Using Dropbox allows everything I am working on to be available everywhere I work, without even thinking […]

Using Canned Responses in Gmail

If you use Gmail to access your email, you may like to activate a very handy feature called “Canned Responses”, which is available under Google Labs. These are stock responses you can use for common requests, saving you having to retype it every time. To activate Canned Responses: 1. Click the “Settings” link near the […]

Multitasking on your Smartphone

Recent apps is a feature introduced in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that makes it very easy to switch between running apps on the phone. To access recent apps in order to multitask:  Press and hold the Home button for about two seconds.  A list of recent, running apps will be displayed.  Scroll up and […]

Get the most out of Office with Microsoft Server Software

In simple terms, a server is a computer that provides a service to other computers (known as clients). Many of the new & high end functionalities of Office 2013 become available when they interact with Microsoft Server software. Products such Microsoft Lync Server provides unified messaging on the desktop. Think of it as Skype on […]