How to use Gmail with an IMAP client such as Outlook

Delete Messages: To delete a message in a Gmail IMAP account, move the message to the [Gmail]/Trash folder. Archive Messages: To archive an email or remove it from a folder (i.e. Gmail label), “delete” the message. Mark Messages as Spam or Not Spam: To report an email as junk move the message to the [Gmail]/Spam […]

Ways to extend your WiFi Coverage

With WiFi devices becoming ubiquitous nowadays, poor wifi coverage can be very frustrating. However there are practical solutions that can greatly improve your experience. 1. Move your router to a better location. Changing the physical position of your router can make a big difference to wifi coverage. Try & avoid large metal objects between your […]

Dropbox: View History

Dropbox allows you to check your activity history to monitor the file additions & changes that have been made. To access this feature, launch the Dropbox website, then go to the Events tab on the far left. Events gives you a timeline of changes made to your Dropbox folder.

Consider editing Images in your browser using Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is free & entirely browser based. There is nothing to install; just head to the website & sign in. It is not as comprehensive as professional tools such as Photoshop, but it has a simple interface & enough tools to meet the needs of most casual users. Sumo Paint is available at

Using the spreadsheet in Google Apps

Recently I experimented with using the online spreadsheet available in Google Apps to manage our price list. I’ve been very surprised by the functionality & ease of use. For many years I saw these online apps as merely viewing tools to open documents when on the road. But after using it for over a week […]

Cloud Computing – the Pros & Cons

I often get asked by clients about cloud computing. Is it the best option their needs? The answer depends upon your specific requirements & how you use the software. PROS 1. Always up to date. Software that needs to updated regularly is often better via a cloud subscription service. That way you have the latest […]

Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has been the default business application for nearly two decades, but times are changing.  Nowadays there are viable options for those willing to be innovators. LibreOffice is a free office suite that is stable, fast & easy to use. It has the feel of Office 2003, & is available for Windows, Mac & […]

How to Paste without formatting by default in OSX

Have you ever pasted text into a document, only to have it formatted differently than all the text around it? The keystrokes Shift + Option + Command + V removes any formatting from the document you are pasting from. You can change the default behaviour in OS X by using System Preferences. Open ‘System Preferences’ […]

Battery Conservation Tips for your Smartphone

Unless you need it at a particular time, turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data, & syncing. Keeping these communications options running continuously will drain your battery power due to the constant polling of the network. I have set up profiles on my phone using Elixir (there are similar Apps available), that control my settings […]

Speed up an Old Computer with Linux

Just this past week, I re-imaged the software on some older computers for my family. The computers were becoming very slow & clunky running Windows, but perform quite well running the latest desktop edition of the Linux Operating System, Linux Mint 17. If you’ve got old hardware that you’re considering tossing out or making a […]