Consider switching your computer mouse to your left hand

A couple of years ago I strained the muscles in my right forearm & exacerbated the injury regularly cycling to keep fit. Operating my computer mouse with my right hand continued to irritate my forearm & wrist. Out of necessity I decided to try using my mouse with my left hand. It took a few […]

Good office ergonomics

Recently a friend of mine developed repetitive strain injury.  His work of developing written language for a people group in Cambodia requires extensive use of a computer keyboard.  This constant keyboard work exacerbates his injury & requires significant changes to resolve it.  Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure. What are the […]

Dealing with a dusty computer

A dusty room can lead to computer problems. Dust is easily sucked into the computer case. As the dust collects, it will restrict airflow throughout the computer. The restrictive airflow will cause computer components to overheat & shorten their lifespan. Dust prevents cool air from reaching the components that need to be cooled in order […]