Get the most out of Office with Microsoft Server Software

In simple terms, a server is a computer that provides a service to other computers (known as clients). Many of the new & high end functionalities of Office 2013 become available when they interact with Microsoft Server software. Products such Microsoft Lync Server provides unified messaging on the desktop. Think of it as Skype on […]

Battery Conservation Tips for your Smartphone

Unless you need it at a particular time, turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data, & syncing. Keeping these communications options running continuously will drain your battery power due to the constant polling of the network. I have set up profiles on my phone using Elixir (there are similar Apps available), that control my settings […]

How to Customize Column Widths in Mac OSX Finder

Finder is a great tool for looking at your files, but having to resize columns to see a long file name can be inconvenient. The handle (two small vertical lines) at the bottom of the column allows you to resize the column. Double-clicking on the handle resizes the column to fit the widest file name. […]

Favourite Mac Apps: TypeIt4Me

TypeIt4Me is a text expander that speeds up typing by instantly replacing short abbreviations with longer saved “snippets of text”. It can be used to autofill commonly repeated phrases, boilerplate texts for more lengthy responses, as well favourite expressions & turns of phrase. Any expressions that you use repeatedly can by saved in TypeIt4Me. Microsoft […]

Spreadsheets: How to copy cells without incrementing the value

When you copy cells in a spreadsheet, it will by default increment the value by one for each entry. For example, if you copy 100, the next entry will be 101, then 102, etc. To copy cells in excel without incrementing the value, add $ in front of the value in the cell.

Resetting your Mac System Management Controller

On a Mac computer, SMC controls & manages system hardware for power consumption, battery charging & battery function, thermal activity & fan activity, LED lighting for keyboards & displays, GPU functionality with video mode changes & video output, sleep & wake, & other core hardware functionality. An SMC reset helps to resolve many power & […]