How to automatically dial an extension on your mobile phone

A lot of companies have an automated service that answers their incoming phone calls. This cab be frustrating when you’re trying to dial a company and have to wait to enter the extension number each time for the department or person you’re trying to reach. This is especially true when you don’t remember the extension and you have to check out the contact information to find it.


To create a pause, enter a comma between the phone number & the extension.  Using this option means that when you dial a number, the extension is used automatically after the dialer app detects that the phone has been answered.

Enter the number like this: 0398573800,1


This should be used when you are calling somewhere that requires listening to the entire automated message before allowing any menu or extension selections.  Instead of just keying the numbers for you, a pop-up will appear on the screen with the extension.

To use wait enter a semicolon between the phone number & the extension.

Enter the number like this: 0398573800;1