Changing text size when web browsing

Occasionally, when web browsing, you might find the words on a particular website a little small to read clearly. The size & font of text can be permanently changed in the tools section of your web browser. However, web pages can often be inconsistent in the size of the text they use, & you may simply want to alter text size on a given page.

A simple solution is to use this easy keyboard shortcut. Depress the Control (Ctrl) key, then press the Plus (+) key at the same time & all the text gets larger. Repeating the process will increase the text size in increments. To reduce the size of the text, simply depress the Control (Ctrl) key, then press the Minus (-) key at the same time.

Note that this technique also works by depressing the Control (Ctrl) key & rotating the mouse scroll wheel at the same time.