Editing metadata tags within audio files

As we expand our music & audio media collections, many encounter the problem of inconsistent or incomplete metadata. A file’s metadata is the tagged information that describe audio files such as MP3’s. It usually describes parameters such as Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Track Number, Year, Picture, etc.

We’ve all ripped CDs that we have legitimately purchased which did not give accurate & complete metadata tags in the extracted tracks. You know, the ‘track 01′ of album ‘Unknown’ conundrum. And it’s a tremendous problem when you are converting large numbers of CDs.

It can be a real pain when our audio collections display incorrect or incomplete metadata. Fortunately it’s fairly easy to fix! There are many metadata editors on the market, but one of my favourites is a freeware product called EasyTAG. Simply run the program, locate your files & edit them individually or as batches.

Note that it is possible to tag media you create from messages & seminars in exactly the same manner.