Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard license – full version

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  • Special charity discount.
  • Save 60% off the commercial retail price.
  • License, Full Version.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is a client / server relational database management system.
  • Provides reliable storage.
  • Ensures consistent access to the data.
  • Enforces data integrity ensuring that the data stays consistent.
  • Implement security; Microsoft SQL Server has multiple security levels Server Level, database level & database object level. Access to the server can be controlled by a Username or password or through Windows security in LAN/Networked environment.
  • Provides rapid access to data.
  • Blazing-fast performance. Gain breakthrough and predictable performance backed by industry-leading benchmarks.
  • Rapid data discovery. Empower end users with insights through rapid data exploration & visualization.
  • Scale on demand. Scale on demand with flexible and hybrid deployment options on your terms server to cloud.
  • Extend any data, virtually anywhere. Extend the reach of data virtually anywhere across server &/or cloud with expansive developer technologies.
  • Note that the Microsoft License Program requires an initial purchase of at least 5 licenses. These can be made up of licenses you don’t use, the cheapest being only $7 each.
  • Note that Microsoft licenses have downgrade rights to previous versions.

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