UCare Online Church Management

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  • Designed to work where you work. Works great on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Nokia, etc.), tablet, mac or pc, a web browser is all you need.
  • Stay organized & help build connections. Groups are a simple yet powerful way to keep your church organized and to build small groups. Keep people connected with quick and easy email templates and SMS messages or view one of the many reports.
  • Track how people connect. Meetings are an easy way to find out where people are connected or if they may need help. Once meeting attendance is recorded; task emails remind you to follow up with the attendees via phone, email or SMS. You can also view the health of small groups, and how often members are connecting.
  • Sell tickets online. Manage ticketing for your events both large and small. UCare processes payments, helps you keep in contact with event attendees via SMS or email and make it simple for you to publish the events to your website just by adding them to UCare. You can also use any smartphone to scan ticket barcodes and track attendance.
  • Keep children safe. The check in kiosk makes it easy for children to be signed in and out with a security receipt in line with the requirements of many governments. Additionally a nametag is printed for the child that includes allergies and contact numbers should they be needed.
  • All your people stored safely in one place. Whether you have just a few people or thousands, you can see everything that’s going on at once. Quickly find people and view their contact details, address, important dates, notes, relationships and groups, you can even import people from Facebook. Easily send them email and SMS messages or leave follow up tasks that get emailed to the team.
  • Simple yet powerful reporting. Search groups are just like regular groups except people are included based on easily selected criteria. Use it to create any report you need and to ensure people don’t slip through the cracks.
  • Send beautiful email newsletters. Sending email that is anti-spam compliant and looks great is super easy. Select a template, the recipients and attachments then you’re ready to send. You can even queue your newsletters so they automatically send at a specified time. Simple MailChimp integration lets you take your email campaigns to the next level with their extensive design and reporting features.
  • Take payments and online giving. if you are selling resources or simply collecting peoples giving; you can now drop the payment form on your website and let people start sending you payments.
  • Automate follow up processes. You can add forms to your website or use them on a tablet to collect all the information you need. For example; when a new person comes to church you get them to complete your new person form on an iPad. UCare then adds them to a process that you also create, the process can then email them, assign them to a pastor and ensure they don’t get forgotten at any step of your connection process.
  • Security areas – whether you have multiple campuses or need to secure pastoral care notes, security areas allow you to lock down access to sensitive info to only the appropriate people..
  • Your data is secure with automatic backups and state of the art protection.

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