Good office ergonomics

Recently a friend of mine developed repetitive strain injury.  His work of developing written language for a people group in Cambodia requires extensive use of a computer keyboard.  This constant keyboard work exacerbates his injury & requires significant changes to resolve it.  Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure.

What are the key elements for good office ergonomics?

Place your monitor & keyboard in the correct position.  Further information is available at websites such as

  • Maintain good seating position, & if need be, get a better seat.  Good posture is vital for good ergonomics.
  • Consider using a headset with your telephone, particularly if you’re on the phone regularly.  This can be a cheap yet very effective solution.
  • In serious cases, look at options such as zero pressure keyboard & mouse.  Although expensive, they are revolutionary & offer genuine alternatives to RSI sufferers.
  • Move around, stretch, & get some exercise throughout the day.