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One size doesn't fit all. We take time to understand your needs and goals, then provide guidance and advice to help you hit your target.
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We specialise in discount software & hardware for charities, churches and not-for-profits. We negotiate the best possible price and help you save time and money.
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Through our direct negotiations with leading industry vendors, we offer customised solutions to suit your business or organisation.

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VMware has multi-faceted solutions to suit your business. Whether you need to simplify app access and management, deliver secure access to mobile apps, modernize Windows 10 management or lower the cost of delivering virtual desktops and apps, VMware has what you need.
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Spreadsheets: Navigating your worksheet

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time in almost any software package. After you have learned the shortcuts, you will find that you do these things very quickly, and without having to change from keyboard to mouse, or having to find the right option in the menu. To move to the edge of […]

Sign documents without printing them

There is a huge trend towards the “paperless” office at the moment. However, it raises the inevitable question: how do I sign an electronic document? Adobe Acrobat has a lot a great features for handling digital documents. It is the application I use most frequently. You may not be aware, but Acrobat gives you the […]

Spreadsheets: Change the colour of worksheet tabs

Colour coding worksheet tabs can make it easier to identify specific sheets. Simply right-click on the sheet tab, choose Tab Colour, then select the colour for the tab. From the same menu, you can also hide sheets that you may not need to see on a regular basis, such as those carrying out background calculations […]

Microworx saves TEAR Australia a heap of money by getting us special prices, and through their careful attention to detail. Ordering from Microworx is quick and easy. The forms are clear and well organised. And, best of all, I know that they will give it their personal attention if there are any problems. A pleasure to purchase from them!

Ralph Riley TEAR Australia

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