Using your phone as a web camera

If you find that your Notebook camera just isn’t good enough quality for using in Zoom or Teams Meeting, you can use your mobile phone with your Notebook connected by the USB cable by following these steps:


  • Download the program Iriun from the Google Play store and install on your mobile phone.
  • Note: You will need to enable Developer Mode to use the USB cable.
  • To enable Developer mode on your Android, go to Settings, About Phone and tap the Build 7 times. This will enable Developer Mode.
  • Turn on USB Debugger in Developer Mode to enable the USB connection to the Mac.
  • Download Iriun for the Mac at and install.
  • Start the Iriun app on the Mac.
  • Connect camera via the USB cable.
  • Start the Iriun app on the Android phone. It can connect via wifi, but select the option to connect via USB for the best quality.
  • You should now see your video on the Iriun app on the Mac.
  • Start up Zoom. If you have version 5.2.2 or higher, you can use virtual backgrounds with your phone. Your phone will show up as a source under the Video tab cameras.