How to Whitelist an Email Sender in Gmail

Have you ever had a situation where an important email you’re expecting never made it to your Inbox? Instead, Gmail incorrectly classified that legitimate email as spam & moved into the spam folder. This can particularly be a problem with newsletters that you have subscribed to.

There are two ways to whitelist emails in Gmail.

1. Add the email address that is misdirected to spam to your Google Contacts list. Gmail will automatically deliver messages to your inbox when the sender is listed in your Google Contacts.

2. Create a manual whitelist in Gmail to ensure that email messages from certain senders are never ever marked as spam.

Click the gear in your Gmail’s top right corner & select Settings. Go the the Filters Tab & select “Create a new filter”. In the From: field, enter the email addresses, domain names or even actual names of people who you would like to whitelist. You can separate multiple entries using “OR”. Once your filter is ready, click Next and select “Never Send it to Spam.”