Spreadsheets: Navigating your worksheet

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time in almost any software package. After you have learned the shortcuts, you will find that you do these things very quickly, and without having to change from keyboard to mouse, or having to find the right option in the menu.

  • To move to the edge of a data region (table), use Control Arrow (Cmd Arrow on a Mac) to move in any direction to the edge of the data range. The cursor / cell selection will jump to the next data range if there are empty cells, or the end of the spreadsheet if all the cells are filled.
  • To select a row: Shift + Space.  To select a column: Control + Space.
  • To delete a row or column: select the row or column then use Control. To add a row or column, use Control + (PC) / Shift + Control + + (Mac).
  • To move to the first cell in a worksheet, use ControlHome / Fn + Control + Left Arrow. To move to the last cell, use Control + End / Fn + Control + Right Arrow.