Use Dropbox to sync between computers & mobile devices

One of my favourite apps is Dropbox, because it allows me to synchronize my files between various devices. I no longer carry a usb or portable hard drive. Now I just download it from the cloud, as required. Using Dropbox allows everything I am working on to be available everywhere I work, without even thinking about it.

I’ve mapped Dropbox as a drive within my computer & automatically save files directly into it. I have noticed that files that require high speed access like Outlook or our Accounting package can be slowed down by the file indexing performed by Dropbox. These files I keep local on my “C” drive, then backup to my Dropbox folder every evening. The rest of my files are in my Dropbox folder, which keeps a local copy, then synchronizes the contents of that folder to the Dropbox cloud storage.

Dropbox is available free for 2GB of storage. Download the desktop app to sync your computer & the smartphone app to sync your phone. Once installed you can access the same virtual folder from either device.

A Dropbox 2GB account is free! Download from