Ways to extend your WiFi Coverage

With WiFi devices becoming ubiquitous nowadays, poor wifi coverage can be very frustrating. However there are practical solutions that can greatly improve your experience.

1. Move your router to a better location. Changing the physical position of your router can make a big difference to wifi coverage. Try & avoid large metal objects between your router & device, such as pipes, structural steel & appliances.

2. Select a different channel. If multiple devices are using the same channel, coverage is degraded. Choosing the least busy channel will boost performance.

3. Add a WiFi repeater or additional access points.

4. Install a higher gain external antennae.

5. Use a enterprise WiFi Access Point solution. Most routers are designed for domestic use & have very limited WiFi capabilities. A enterprise WiFi solution gives far superior antennas & radio frequency management. It is possible to run multiple access points throughout a building & vastly improve signal strength, throughput & range.