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Protective filtering that combines security & privacy:

  • Stop inbound malware and other DNS based attacks
  • Enforceable internet usage policies
  • Provide DoH visibility, filtering and security controls
  • Deployment options: Standalone DNS agent or with Webroot Endpoint Protection


  • Accurate filtering of domains (leverages BrightCloud Threat Intelligence)
  • Policy by device, IP address or group
  • On-demand, drill-down reporting
  • Expanded VPN support
  • Ease of deployment and management


  • ~75% reduction in malware being downloaded with our DNS-based network filtering service
  • Full internet usage visibility with complete insight into all requests made to the internet including control of DNS over http (DoH)
  • Fewer infections by lowering the number of responses for malicious and suspicious internet locations
  • Granular and enforceable access policies
  • Roaming protection : A Windows agent is available for consistent off-network filtering for roaming users.
  • Flexible deployment options: Standalone DNS Protection agent or in combination with Webroot Endpoint Protection
  • Learn more about DNS Protection is available here.