Favourite Mac Apps: Spectacle

Spectacle is a free Mac App that I use constantly throughout the day.  It allows you to easily organise your windows without using a mouse. You can easily jump between 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 window display on your monitor. I customarily use 4 windows spread over 2 monitors, so I have Spectacle divide each of […]

Dropbox: How to link or unlink a device

To view a list of your linked devices from dropbox.com: Sign in to dropbox.com. Click your profile picture (or grey circle) in the upper right corner. Click Settings. Click the Security tab. Your linked devices are listed under Devices. To unlink a device from your Dropbox account: Sign in to dropbox.com. Click your profile picture (or grey circle) in the upper […]

Improve your website ranking on Google

Your website Google ranking depends not only on having a secure certificate (https) but also on the speed of loading. You can  check the link of your website at this Google PageSpeed Insights page:  https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/  Note that it gives separate results for both the desktop & mobile versions of your website.  

How to automatically dial an extension on your mobile phone

A lot of companies have an automated service that answers their incoming phone calls. This cab be frustrating when you’re trying to dial a company and have to wait to enter the extension number each time for the department or person you’re trying to reach. This is especially true when you don’t remember the extension […]

Consider using the computer calculator

Many of us use a desk calculator regularly. For years I’ve had a calculator on my desk, right next to my computer, for those times I need to do arithmetic quickly. Nowadays, I just call up the calculator on my computer & use that instead. You can find the MS Windows Calculator under the Start […]

Creating a QR Code

A QR Code is a 2 dimensional bar code (see below) that can be scanned & decoded as text by a smart phone. When scanned, the QR code can open a website, load an electronic business card, & more. To read the code, simply download a barcode reading app from the Appstore. Point your phones […]

Wireless Projector Display from your iPad

A couple of apps are available that enable you to wirelessly beam your Tablet or Smartphone screen content to a projector via a Mac or PC. This gives you the freedom to move around the room with your iPad in hand, controlling the content on the projector. 1.Download either Reflector (www.reflectorapp.com) or AirServer (www.airserverapp.com) to […]

Spreadsheets: Navigating your worksheet

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time in almost any software package. After you have learned the shortcuts, you will find that you do these things very quickly, and without having to change from keyboard to mouse, or having to find the right option in the menu. To move to the edge of […]