Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has been the default business application for nearly two decades, but times are changing.  Nowadays there are viable options for those willing to be innovators.

  • LibreOffice is a free office suite that is stable, fast & easy to use. It has the feel of Office 2003, & is available for Windows, Mac & Linux. You can download LibreOffice from</a
  • Google Apps is a suite of online applications that only require a browser for access. They have more limited functionality than the full desktop applications, but work well & perform all the functions that most people use.
  • Office 365 Web Apps are also online applications that you log in via a browser to use. They come bundled with some Office 365 subscriptions that are offered under the charity discount program.
  • Quip is a different approach to word processing. Quip formats your document for whatever device you are viewing it on, as opposed to MS Word which was initially designed for print as a typewriter alternative. Quip has some great collaboration features & is available from</a