My favourite Smartphone Apps

I’ve recently returned from a successful climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. After operating from overseas with nothing more than an android smartphone, I thought I’d give a quick review of what apps worked for me. (Note that the same or similar apps may be available on other platforms such as iphone.)

Inserty This is one of my personal favourites, as it allows me to craft standardized responses that I can send to people with little fuss. I use it for things I’m regularly asked for like commonly requested quotations, out of office replies, current location in Google Maps. In fact, any response that I may wish to send to people repeatedly.

Skype I never even knew that Skype had a smartphone app until my climbing buddy started using it in Nairobi. Using the hotel wifi connection we were able to phone home with quite a high quality connection for a very nominal charge.

Gmail I was using the gmail app constantly to stay in touch with family, friends & clients, as able. The world is a much smaller place when you can be in constant touch via email. We even made a game of seeing where we could get a wifi connection! I set the record when I was able to synchronize my mail when on the tarmac at Kilimanjaro airport.

Picasa Tool This one isn’t really a business app, but it did give the ability to allow family & friends to view photos whilst I was still travelling. There’s nothing like following the trip in real time. All I had to do was take photos on the phone then upload them whenever I had a connection.

ES File Explorer A file & application manager that allows you to view & manage files that are stored or your phone. These included my trip itinerary, travel documents, seminar material, etc.