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Google Workspace Nonprofit basic tier is free for authorised NFP domains. Product features for each of the Nonprofit Workspace offerings is available […]

Favourite Mac Apps : Karabiner

Karabiner-Elements is a simple app that allows you to re-assign keys from one position to another on your keyboard. This can be […]

Favourite Mac Apps : Thor

Thor is a handy little app that allows you to assign frequently used programs such as Acrobat or Calculator to a certain […]

Favourite Mac Apps: Rectangle

Rectangle is a free Mac App that I use constantly throughout the day.  It allows you to easily organise your windows without […]

Favourite Mac Apps: CopyClip

CopyClip is a simple and efficient clipboard manager for Mac. Running discreetly from the menu bar, this app stores all that you […]

Lighting Tips for Video Calls

Position the light source directly in front of you.  Natural light from a window is preferable as it is usually a soft, […]