Changing text size when web browsing

Occasionally, when web browsing, you might find the words on a particular website a little small to read clearly. The size & font of text can be permanently changed in the tools section of your web browser. However, web pages can often be inconsistent in the size of the text they use, & you may […]

Using Canned Responses in Gmail

If you use Gmail to access your email, you may like to activate a very handy feature called “Canned Responses”, which is available under Google Labs. These are stock responses you can use for common requests, saving you having to retype it every time. To activate Canned Responses: 1. Click the “Settings” link near the […]

Dropbox: Recover Deleted Files

Dropbox allows you to recover any deleted file up to 30 days old. To access this feature, launch the Dropbox website, then go to the folder where you want to recover the file. To view deleted files, just click on the trash icon at the top, which will toggle the “Show deleted files” option. The […]

How to use Gmail with an IMAP client such as Outlook

Delete Messages: To delete a message in a Gmail IMAP account, move the message to the [Gmail]/Trash folder. Archive Messages: To archive an email or remove it from a folder (i.e. Gmail label), “delete” the message. Mark Messages as Spam or Not Spam: To report an email as junk move the message to the [Gmail]/Spam […]

Dropbox: Save a file to your mobile device

Marking a file as “favourite” on your Mobile Device downloads the file onto your device. When you open a file in Dropbox, you can view the file then & there, but if you come back to it later you need to download it once again. By opening the Dropbox App on your mobile device, you […]

Ways to extend your WiFi Coverage

With WiFi devices becoming ubiquitous nowadays, poor wifi coverage can be very frustrating. However there are practical solutions that can greatly improve your experience. 1. Move your router to a better location. Changing the physical position of your router can make a big difference to wifi coverage. Try & avoid large metal objects between your […]

Dropbox: View History

Dropbox allows you to check your activity history to monitor the file additions & changes that have been made. To access this feature, launch the Dropbox website, then go to the Events tab on the far left. Events gives you a timeline of changes made to your Dropbox folder.

Using the spreadsheet in Google Apps

Recently I experimented with using the online spreadsheet available in Google Apps to manage our price list. I’ve been very surprised by the functionality & ease of use. For many years I saw these online apps as merely viewing tools to open documents when on the road. But after using it for over a week […]

Turn off gridlines in Google Sheets

If you have a Google spreadsheet that you want to hide the gridlines, simply go to the View Menu, select Gridlines & toggle the checkmark to off. It’s that easy!

How to Whitelist an Email Sender in Gmail

Have you ever had a situation where an important email you’re expecting never made it to your Inbox? Instead, Gmail incorrectly classified that legitimate email as spam & moved into the spam folder. This can particularly be a problem with newsletters that you have subscribed to. There are two ways to whitelist emails in Gmail. […]